Lead Paint Removal in Philadelphia

Lead Removal in Philadelphia

Lead Paint Removal PA

If you’ve identified a lead problem at your Philadelphia home or business, it’s time to take prompt  action. Lead dust and particles are a serious matter wherever they are found on your property, so always call in lead removal specialists to protect your family or employees’ safety.

At AAA Lead Professionals, our mission is to leave your property 100% lead-safe, so you no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of lead exposure. We’re licensed and certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and strictly adhere to all relevant state and local laws.

Lead Removal in Philadelphia

Who Needs Professional Lead Removal Services?

Almost anyone can require lead removal services at some point, and it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your Philadelphia home or business. Since the ban on lead paint was passed in 1978, homes and public buildings like schools, churches, and hospitals built before 1978 must be inspected by lead testing specialists.

Philadelphia Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification Law also requires landlords to test rental properties constructed before 1978 for lead paint every four years. Landlords should provide tenants with certification from a licensed lead inspector declaring that dwellings are lead-free or lead-safe.

Lead paint becomes hazardous when it starts to degrade and peel, flake, or chip. At AAA Lead Professionals, we’re committed to protecting you, your family, employees, and tenants. We’ll make sure all dangerous lead is removed from your property and take the necessary steps to prevent any further contamination.

How Much Does Lead Removal Cost in Philadelphia?

The cost of removing lead-based paint from your Philadelphia home or business will depend on several factors, including:

  • Types of abatement – For example, lead removal, enclosure, replacement, or encapsulation.
  • Components being abated or removed – For example, trim, door, windows, walls, etc.
  • Size of work area – The larger the work area, the more containment and clean-up will be required.
  • Type of lead products being removed, accessibility, and surface types.
  • Project complexity, the surface area of the lead-affected elements, and the methods chosen for disposal.

To get a better idea of lead testing and removal costs, schedule a free consultation with AAA Lead Professionals PA. We never overcharge or suggest unnecessary work, so you can trust in our estimates and the quality of our services.

The AAA Guarantee

Lead testing, lead removal, and lead abatement are highly specialized fields that require extensive training and certifications. Never do it yourself—instead, remain legally compliant and stay safe by calling AAA Lead Professionals PA for all of your lead testing and removal needs.

Our experienced technicians are dedicated to supporting clients throughout the lead removal process, helping to keep Philadelphia lead-safe and healthy. For well over a decade, AAA Lead Professionals PA has been receiving 5-star ratings for our swift, reliable service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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