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AAA Lead Professionals is one of the most trusted environmental services companies in the region. Since 2009, our mission has been to provide top-quality solutions backed by a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and expertise. We eliminate our clients’ headaches and responsibilities by taking care of all their environmental cleanup needs. From start to finish, you can always rely on AAA for a seamless experience.

We proudly serve many parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut, as well as the entire state of New Jersey.

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We’re dedicated to making your residential or commercial cleanup process easy by leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise. We understand the stresses and costs of dealing with asbestos, mold, and lead problems, and are here to address your unique needs with the utmost professionalism and care.

No project is the same, so we’re always here to help you make informed decisions by explaining our service plans and answering all your questions. We’ll also share detailed results of any testing we do so that you understand your building’s situation, and will never overcharge or suggest unnecessary repairs.

For over a decade, our reliable service and experience dealing with many hazardous materials and projects has resulted in highly satisfied customers.

Why Choose Us?

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Over the years, AAA Lead Professionals PA has worked on everything from small family homes to expansive commercial projects. With 15+ years of experience dealing with state and local officials, our team can handle your health concerns and code violations without compromising on quality. When navigating the law, trust the professionals.

Our workers and technicians are fully trained and licensed in every state we serve. We carefully select the most appropriate technicians for each project, ensuring you always get the best people for the job.

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How can I tell if there is asbestos in my building?

Asbestos was once a popular building material, but its use is now strictly regulated due to the health risks of asbestos exposure. It could be in your roofing, siding, floor tiles, ceiling, pipes, or insulation. Before you begin a construction, renovation, or home project that may disturb any ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials)—especially if your home or business is older—contact our asbestos experts to ensure it’s done safely.

Asbestos removal isn’t a DIY job, and you shouldn’t attempt it without the necessary training and certifications. Asbestos work is heavily regulated, but don’t worry—the AAA team is certified and licensed to perform all kinds of asbestos work. We’re ready to take care of any asbestos services for you.

Can you help me with lead paint on my property?

We regularly inspect for lead throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.. If you think lead might be present in your building, call in the pros to avoid any health risks. AAA will resolve your lead problem and ensure your building is lead-safe in line with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and PA regulations.

Wherever we identify sources of lead—paint, pipes, water, air, dust, soil, etc.—we’ll take every step necessary to protect you and your tenants or family from long-term lead exposure and its negative health effects.

Can you help with my home or business’ mold problem?

Indoor mold growth can appear anywhere, because mold spores float freely in the air. It can grow in your basement, attic, air ducts, pipes, shower walls, and so on.

We can help by offering advanced testing and analysis to determine whether mold, mildew, excess moisture, or other indoor air quality pollutants are present in your home or business. We offer comprehensive removal and remediation services if mold is found, as well as solutions for preventing further mold growth by eliminating excess humidity.

Don’t let mold exposure or poor indoor air quality put you at risk of allergens or other potential health problems. Call in our certified mold experts for help!

Can you test the quality of my indoor air?

In an increasingly polluted world, even modern homes and buildings can struggle to maintain optimal indoor air quality (IAQ). Although these structures are better insulated than those of the past, newer fresh air cycling and air quality systems still have imperfections.

Today’s central air systems have air ducts that get dirty, and we bring pollutants inside on our clothes. We’re exposed to car exhaust, mold spores, dust mites, and all sorts of other allergens daily. All of these factors can affect indoor air quality.

Asthma rates are increasing in the U.S., and the recent pandemic highlighted the vital importance of sanitary indoor air. Ensure your building’s air is safe—schedule an indoor air quality test with us today so you can breathe easier.

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